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What is Walsall Football Supporters' Trust and why do we need a Trust at Walsall Football Club?

Walsall Football Supporters' Trust is a supporter organisation set up to help strengthen bonds between Walsall Football Club, its supporters and the local community for which the club serves, to act as a representative voice for ALL supporters of Walsall Football Club and to help protect the future of 'our' club and its assets if the need arises in years to come.

It was once said that 'A Supporters Trust will only ever really be needed when a football club is in a time of crisis'. We hope that is never the case at Walsall, but just in case, we aim to have everything in place should the unexpected ever happen.

Who owns the Trust?

The Trust is owned by and run by its members, each of whom own one equal share in the Trust itself and therefore, as shareholders of Walsall Football Club Limited, a steak in the club. The Trust is run by a democratically elected and co-opted board of volunteers who oversee the day-to-day running of and financial stability of the Trust in the best interests of its members.

Why do you charge a membership fee to join the Trust?

The Trust charge a nominal membership fee with prices starting from just £2 per year, cheaper than a pie or a pint at just one match. The first £1 from each fee paid is to cover the purchase of your share in the Trust itself with the remaining balance being put towards the Trusts annual fees to both Supporters Direct and the Financial Conduct Authority, the Trusts governing organisations. Any money remaining thereafter may be put towards the day-to-day running of the Trust or could be added to any donation made to our chosen charity or worthy cause.

How does a Supporters Trust differ from a Supporters Club?

As a Trust, we have a legal constitution which allows us to raise funds to invest on behalf of our members into the safeguarding of the Club, be it through the purchase of shares, the purchase of assets or land, or in the worst case scenario, the purchase of the Club itself should it be required; none of which would be sanctioned by the Trust Board without the backing of our members via majority vote at a General or Special General Meeting.

Who can be a member of the Trust?

Membership is open to any individual aged 16 years or over or to any firm, business, group, organisation or likewise by way of a nominated representative providing they agree to, adhere to and are in compliance with the Trust Rules and their accompanying side policies.

How do I join?

Full membership details and a link to a downloadable Membership Application Form can be found under the Membership menu on the navigation bar at the top of each page of this website.

Can I cancel my membership to the Trust once I've joined?

Although we hope you never see a reason to, your membership to the Trust can be cancelled at anytime in writing (by hand or electronically) to the Secretary of the Trust by giving 28 days notice of cancellation. Once your membership is cancelled, your share in the Trust will be revoked and returned to the ownership of the Trust. It may not be sold to or transferred to any third party. Under no circumstances will any refund be given (in part or whole) for any membership fees already paid.

How can I get more information before I make up my mind?

If you still require further information, please feel free to email us at a member of the Board will be only to happy to answer any questions you may have.

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