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In addition to the fundraising made for a number of local and national registered charities and other worthy causes throughout the year, it is sometimes required that the Trust raises funds for its own needs and financial stability in order for it to operate in the best interests of our members.

These funds are often raised through events such as our annual Walsall Fans v Walsall FC Legends match which takes place each year at Rushall Olympics Dales Lane Ground.











Funds are also raised through the sale of items of Walsall FC or football related merchandise and memorabilia.


Quite often, a proportion of the money raised in this way is also donated to our chosen charities or worthy causes, but like any other group or organisation, there are certain annual costs that the Trust have to pay in order to continue with our work and it is imperative that these costs are covered through our fundraising efforts.

Additional funds can also be raised by way of donation to the Trust and anyone wishing to make a donation should contact Trust Treasurer Margaret Vardy at

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