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50/50 Draw Winners

Congratulations to Scott Westwood who scooped £401 as the winner of the Supporters Trust 50-50 draw yesterday.

We caught up with Scott this morning and he unsurprisingly was delighted to win the draw.

He congratulated the Trust on a fantastic initiative and added that we are doing a great job for the club and fans.

Nick Pritchard won a signed Walsall FC football donated by the club. Steve Humphries won a limited edition Wembley print.

We are at this time still waiting for the holder of ticket 518 to get in touch to claim his limited edition Swindon promotion print.

It has been asked why the full list of numbers was not issued as we had stated and planned to do?

Concerns were raised about GDPR and we decided to err on the side of caution and instead we contacted as many people as we could to give them their numbers in person.

Unfortunately with in excess of 100 players some did not get their numbers due to the timescale. We didn't get contact information from some who paid by bank transfer so were unable to get their numbers to them.

We were also asked why the winners names were not released immediately. Again the question of our old friend GDPR  was raised so we decided to notify the winners first and get their permission before releasing their names.

None of the Trust Board have ever run a draw like this before.

We expected some issues would present themselves and we have taken on board people's observations and I'm sure the next draw will be much smoother.

We would like to thank Walsall Council, Board member Ray Dale for his hard work, our independent adjudicator for generating the winner numbers and everyone who has supported the draw.

Our club have benefited to the tune of £401 and it would be great to beat that total in next month's draw which is scheduled for Saturday June 6th.

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