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Saddlers Lottery Get Involved

We would encourage as many of you to take part on the Saddlers Lottery and support the club during these uncertain times.

The new Saddlers’ Lottery takes the place of the Goalden Gate Lottery and is open to all supporters to enter for a chance to win £1,000’s in weekly cash prizes. The Goalden Gate Lottery is no longer supporting Walsall FC so anybody that is a member there is encouraged to divert to the new scheme if they wish their entry to support the club.

Saddlers supporters who do enter the new lottery on a monthly direct debit will be entered into the NYCDA Weekly Draw for a chance to win cash prizes.

Direct debits can start for as little as £1 per week, and in addition to the cash prize options, the club will be supporting with prizes including official merchandise and hope to receive periodic special offers from club partners.

Anybody who wishes to join the Saddlers’ Lottery can do so by clicking here to go to the NYCDA secure online sign up page and enter the relevant details, choose from a variety of payment options and find further information about the scheme. If you have any questions about the lottery scheme, you can contact the NYCDA lottery team on or 01922 929707.

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