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Vouchers Donated To The Thomas Project

We are delighted to announce that £250 (£25 x 10) of Co-op vouchers have been donated to The Thomas Project, supporting families and individuals in our local community.

Thank you to Walsall FC Trust Board Member Nick Matthews for sourcing the vouchers.

The THOMAS Project began in 2013 by becoming the working name for the charity

Family Welfare and Community Guidance, established in 1985 by Jan Coleman and volunteers from St Thomas Church in Aldridge to serve the residents of the Leighswood estate and surrounding areas, with the aims of the relieving hardship, need and distress and for the advancement of the Christian religion. In 2000, the organisation became a registered charity.

In April 2013 under the leadership of Nicky Thomas, a food bank was opened with the help of Black Country Foodbank. The project continued to provide welfare and guidance whilst developing new activities and services. Over the years, links with local churches in the area and other charities and organisations have been forged in order to provide a wide range of services to the local community.

In 2021 the Trustees changed the name of the charity to the Thomas Project. Today the charity has 2 members of staff, 20 volunteers and a team of trustees who are committed to addressing the needs of the local community by working with local charities and organisations.

Photo - Helen Taylor (Co-op Walsall, store manager) and Karen Ross (The Thomas Project) at Co-op Bridge Street, Walsall.

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