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January - Walsall FC Supporters Working Party Meeting

Held in the Executive Box 8 at the Banks’s Stadium, Monday 6th January 2020 15:00.



Stefan Gamble (SG) and Daniel Mole (DM) – Walsall Football Club Graham Whittaker (GW) – Walsall Football Club Supporter Liaison Officer Ray Dale (RD) - Walsall Football Club Supporters Trust Dave Joesbury (DJ) – Independent Saddlers Supporters Association Chris Saunders (CS) - Walsall Supporters for Change

Apologies:          Walsall Football Club Disabled Supporters Association Walsall Football Supporters Club (The Saddlers Club)

Minutes:             Nick Adshead (NA)

1. Opening

DM starting the meeting by thanking everyone for attending.GW was introduced to the meeting as the Club’s new Supporter Liaison Officer.  The representatives from the Supporter Groups present then gave a brief overview of the supporters they represent.  GW’s email is

2. Matters arising from last meeting


3. Update from Walsall Football Supporters Club (The Saddlers Club)

In the absence of any representative of the Saddlers Club, no update was available.

4. Update from Walsall Supporters Trust

RD advised the new Player of the Year Shield has been received.  SG confirmed the Club had located the Young Player of the Year Trophy and are in the process of getting it engraved up to date.RD advised that the Toy Appeal took place at the Macclesfield Town game and thanked all supporters for supporting the cause.  DM offered thanks from the Club to Steve Davies and Margaret Vardy for organising this on behalf of the Club.RD asked when the Club will be advertising the 40-year reunion event that is taking place on the 9th April 2020.  SG said he would ask Conference and Events Sales Manager Adam Brearley to confirm when the event is being advertised.

5. Update from Walsall FC Disabled Supporters Association

In the absence of any representative of the Disabled Supporters Association, no update was available.It was however noted that the DSA had met with DSLO Laura Greenhouse recently.

6. Update from Independent Saddlers Supporters Association (ISSA)

DJ advised that the formal proposal of £200,000 is being finalised and will be sent to SG and Chairman Leigh Pomlett for consideration once complete in the next two weeks.DJ advised that the Christmas Bags for our older generation of supporters were well received at the Macclesfield Town game on 14th December 2019 as well as the 100 selection boxes which were handed out to the younger supporters of both Clubs.  DM offered thanks from the Club to the ISSA Committee for organising this.DJ raised concerns regarding pre-orders not being available at Half Time in the Stadium Suite at the Carlisle United game.  It was noted that it was better at the Leyton Orient game.   DM and SG responded to say that the Head of Conference and Events is discussing ideas with Marstons to improve the situation and alleviate the issues in the Suites.DJ raised concerns regarding the toilets by Block 6 at the Leyton Orient game, that the floors in both male and female toilets were both soaking wet.  DM had not received any feedback from the Stadium Manager, Bryan Taylor, but stated it would be discussed at the weekly Stadium Meeting.DJ advised that the paperwork is now in place for them to join the mutual society.DJ asked if ISSA could get a key to open the back-car park similar to the Supporters Club Travel Section for Away matches and that he would be responsible for opening and closing it.  SG said he had no issue as long as the key is signed for and that the gates were locked when leaving.  SG to speak to Stadium Manager Bryan Taylor to organise a key.

7. Update from Walsall Supporters for Change (WSFC)

CS advised that the queues for the kiosks between the Lower Tier and Community Stand were so long that some fans gave up.CS advised that the lighting under the stands is not always switched on.CS advised that there was an incident with the attitude of one of the stewards regarding opening and closing the exit gates towards the end of the game.  DM asked CS to email Safety Officer Jim O’Grady and copy GW with the details.CS said that he would update further at the next meeting on points raised previously.

8. Club Update

SG advised the last month has been a busy period for the Club, lots of matches with results improving. SG said that the Transfer Window is now open and is in regular contact with the Chairman and Manager with regard to improving the current squad. SG advised that the latest events programme has been announced for 2020, starting off with a tribute evening to Mick Kearns on 21st February. SG confirmed that the Club are hoping to appoint a new Head of Commercial in the coming weeks. SG confirmed that the Chairman is holding a Fans Forum alongside Manager Darrell Clarke on 16th January in the Stadium Suite.

9. Any Other Business

Further feedback was received regarding the playing kit for season 2020/2021.  ISSA had confirmed at the previous meeting that their members would prefer a White Home Shirt.  RD and CS confirmed that their organisations are in favour of a Red Home Shirt.


The meeting closed at 16.05.

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