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Walsall Trust Statement

Official Statement from the Trust Board

The Trust Board wishes to express its deep concern regarding the Club's recent performance, particularly its placement in the bottom six of the League Two table .

This alarming trend brings the threat of relegation to the National League into stark reality—a prospect that could have significant repercussions.

We strongly urge Trivela to implement immediate and effective measures to avert this potential relegation. Our previous comments two years ago highlighted the severe consequences that relegation could have, not only on the Club but also on our town, which is already facing economic challenges. The loss of jobs at the Club, in addition to the broader impact on the community, cannot be overlooked.

It is a critical moment for decisive action, and we, the Trust Board, stand ready to support efforts that will secure the Club's position and ensure its future success.

For the fans, the only real measure of success is on the pitch. We have been sleepwalking into the National League for the last few seasons.

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