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Your Club Needs You - 50/50 Draw

Last weekend a couple of Queen Of The South fans held a 50/50 draw to help raise funds for their club.

They raised £3300 of which the club and the winner both received £1650. Their fan base is below 2000 this season.

We have all been busy supporting very deserving charities who have been in real need of help recently but we must also recognise that our football club WALSALL FC, despite running a tight ship is also facing testing times financially.

We at the Trust sent a proposal to the Walsall Football Club Chairman Leigh Pomlett for discussion with other staff members and they have given us their approval to proceed with a similar draw.

The first draw will take place on Saturday 9th May at 3pm.

Tickets will be priced at £1 each and there will be no limit to the number of tickets you can buy. The cut off time to buy tickets will be midday on Saturday 9th May.

A list of names and numbers will be published prior to the draw.

This initial draw is very much a trial and should it be successful we will look to run another draw a month later and beyond until normal football has resumed.

This draw is not intended to replace any fund raising activities by the club and will cease as soon as normal football is resumed.

It is just a small way that we can all help while the club has restricted income due to the


Via Telephone/Email

To purchase tickets please contact Ray Dale either by e mail to or by text /telephone on 07806778018 and he will advise you how to pay for your tickets.

Via Online

If you wish to purchase online you can do so via - if using this option please ensure that you choose the “friends and family option” upon purchase.

Good luck everyone!

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